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16 Video Editing Tools for Social Media Content Creation

Across the various online groups I have belong to for digital marketing there have been a number of questions asked about the best way to generate video content. Video is becoming very popular online so

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First Impressions of Thrive Optimise

The guys over at Thrive Themes have released their newest product in their optimisation suite to its members so I headed over to take a look for myself at what the new plugin can do. There will be a deep-dive

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Why I chose Thrive Themes

Regular visitors to this website may have noticed that I have given the site a little facelift. It’s actually long overdue, and I will be the first to admit that the website has been somewhat neglected

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Traffic versus Conversion versus AOV.

In both the offline and online world, when it comes down to it, there are really only three levers you can pull to increase your revenue. Increase traffic (T) Increase average order value (AOV) Increase

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eCommerce predictions for 2016

I know what you’re thinking. It’s February (already) . We are well into 2016 now but sometimes it pays to come late to the party. There are numerous article and blogposts out there discussing

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20 Quick and Easy Digital Marketing Tips to boost your marketing.

    Create Targeted follow up emails for example for abandoned carts or follow up after a purchase with a coupon. If you have a very large database, consider sending out your EDM in batches

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Good Data starts with Good strategy

When it comes to data it true to say that if you put rubbish in, you can only get one thing out. Google analytics allows you to track your websites performance against your websites goals. The only things

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9 Common Google Analytics mistakes you’re probably making

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool to measure your website’s performance, yet many of the websites I look at, fail to harness its full power. Let’s take a look at some of the common

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Tacit versus Explicit knowledge

Tacit knowledge is the knowledge you have that can not be easily express with words. Knowing how to ride a bike or play and instrument as easy examples to tacit knowledge to connect with. Often coachee

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Internal Coaching versus external coaching

The idea of ‘manager as coach’ is gaining traction. The reputation of professional coaching is rightly getting the attention it deserves in HR circles and increasingly we see the use of the

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